Brian Monroe - Tech Consultant


Looking for a Doctor?

You’ve tried to fix your computer and it's time to call a professional.  Who do you call?  How do you know if the computer guy is good? 

I can help you with that, and a lot more. Let's see if I have some answers for you ... 

What is a computer Doctor? 

Good question.  A computer doctor is someone with computer knowledge, experience and a real desire to help people. 

I can relieve the trauma of owning a computer.  In addition to relieving your distress, I can mend your computer skills as well. 

Are you a computer Geek?
No. I have years of service in information services for companies dealing with many operating systems. Is that someone you really call a “geek”? 

The distinction between a consultant and a ‘geek’ is how you treat clients. Many people know computers, but don’t know business and don’t understand people. I’m a good businessman who genuinely cares about you as a client. I also know a lot about computer systems.

What makes you a Doctor?
My customers often refer me to their friends.  Can you introduce a fellow who helps you but you don’t know well? Not really. Friends and clients have described my work this way: 

I help people who need help. Together we analyze and fix problems so it won’t happen again.  Generally, I make on-site calls on short notice.  I listen and ease the anxiety, so it’s more than fixing broken parts – it’s helping people. Now isn’t that what you want in a good doctor?

What’s your specialty?
What level of help do you need?  Training?  Upgrades or repairs?  Web design or Internet marketing?  I have a broad range of expertise and skills.  

Learning - Need help learning how to use surf the web or set up your new computer? 

Networks - Trying to get your office network debugged after upgrading from older hardware or software?    

Virus elimination - Are you being ravaged by viruses, spyware, hackers and identity thieves?

How can we start?
We’ve already begun. This site is geared toward building a healthy doctor-patient relationship. You’ve taken time to learn about me; now help me to learn about you. I look forward to hearing from you!