Apple's new campus

Apple's new campus


MY JOURNEY HOME along the El Camino leads from one valley to another. I've left the Salinas valley farmlands for the Silicon Valley neighborhoods where orchards have given way to new tech offices. Silicon is the essential element used in modern computers, cell phones, and microtech instruments, and the valley has become the innovation center using silicon-based circuitry. It was here in a Palo Alto garage that two Stanford students, Bill Hewlett and David Packard, experimented with circuits that led to the birth of the microchip industry. Today hundreds of companies continue discovering ways those chips can improve the modern business world and global economics. Their names are well known:  IBM, Apple, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, Xerox, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft -- just to name a few. Together these companies have attracted a community of talent bent on discovering new ways to improve our lives both here and abroad.

And so I walk along, navigating my way back to Palo Alto through an array of technology parks, business campuses, and offices. Who knows? One of these companies may soon announce the "next new thing" that will revolutionize our lives. Very exciting!


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AuthorRich Monroe